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Friday, June 5, 2009

European Parliament / Jens' vote goes democratic

There is a vote in Denmark this sunday about the European Parliament. I have no idea what to vote. I would normally vote for some left winged party.

But for this election the socialists has joined the anti-European Union parties. And I like the EU, so that's a no go. The light socialists has a priest as leading candidate, and a very homophibic priest on top of that (and thinking about the Eastern Europe's rise of religion and homophobia, that proberbly isn't good).

The social democrats has promised that will reestablish border control and border police, so that's definately a no go too.

The liberal democrats are just too happy about the free market for me and the two right winged parties are too involved with the Danish People Party, which is a racist and populist party only fighting muslims.

I was going for a vote for nothing, but then I read about the dutch election, where Gerts Wilders (anti muslim right winged crazy man) got 15% of the votes. So I guess I should vote to do something, so the same won't happen in Denmark, that is likely, I promise you.

So help me! What should I vote for? I made a poll on the right of the blog.

Some eye candy from social democrats:

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Danny June 6, 2009 at 12:13 AM  

This is a similar problem that we have in the UK. In essence, we don't have an issue with what the EU is about, but we DO have an issue with the fact that certain countries seem to be able to do what they want - regardless of the EU principles (France is the worst!).

The EU is a good thing (I personally feel), however, there is no consistency in it's behaviour and how the Executive governs the member states. This is where the concerns grow. I may write further about this 2mrw on my blog -which is no longer on your list!!! :-(

Jens Dø June 6, 2009 at 11:44 AM  

Hey Danny. I had a crash down, and haven't really organized the links yest, but I've added your link again.

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