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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Gay prides today

The illegal pride in Moscow was ended brutally by Russian police. Very smart, the pride in Moscow is held the same day as the Eurovision Song Contest is aired to all of Europe from Moscow.

The Dutch contestant had promised to boycott the show if the pride was shut down. Unfortunately the song didn't make it through the semifinals (the song is really horrible, so that's somehow understandable).

Lets hope alot of other contestants either boycott the show or shows their protest towards the homophobia, that thrives in Russia.

In Riga in Latvia, there is a gay pride today as well. The pride is this year protected by the police. Earlier the pride in Riga has been violently assaulted by Christians, nazis and bigots.

This year the anti-gay-pride demonstration counts thousands of people. And the bigots are there again. But disturbingly theres is a lot of mothers and "ordinary" people participating in the anti-demonstration under the parole: Gay Pride = AIDS Pride.

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