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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Poll results

My poll about what you people were doing while reading my blog has ended. And the results are as follows:

Getting warmed up to jerk off15946.09%

Jerking off7822.61%

Being bored at home7622.03%

Getting warmed for sex164.64%

Being bored at work72.03%

Other answer...92.61%

In total 345 people participated in my poll. Thank you guys!

Are you wondering what other things you guys are doing? Well, here is some of the things, people said:
- jacking off at work
- looking for material to jack off to later
- piss all over myself
- husband shopping
- enjoying your blog
- drying off
- just finished (wanking, I guess /Jens)
- edsging (I have no clue what that is /Jens)

Again: Thank you everybody for participating in my blog.

Please answer my jack off survey and participate in the new poll.

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