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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Adam from Blake Mason

Name: Adam
Job: Sales Manager
Age: 18
Orientation: Gay
Role: Active
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'7
Waist: 30
Size: 7.5 inches
Cut/Uncut: Uncut
Build: Toned

What can I say about Adam, eh? Or rather, where should I begin? Well, he’s probably just about the nicest, most lovable guy I’ve met in years and if I were 10 years younger then I’d stop at nothing to get him to fall in love with me! Boy, is he gorgeous or what?

He (very sensibly!) likes fellas and had his first boyfriend at the age of 16. Intelligent and focused, he already manages a team of sales advisors and it’s pretty clear that he’s a person with drive and ambition.

Physically, he’s just perfect! Adam has a great face, a nicely toned body and a cock you could just suck and suck for hours.

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